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This interactive workbook teaches elementary school students how to write a report. From gathering information, through organizing thoughts and ideas, and to the final product, students will learn the skills necessary to complete assigned writing tasks. Students learn in three ways: watch a video, read the chapter text, and complete exercises to test knowledge and comprehension. Topics covered include:

  • Gathering information for the essay, book review, research paper, and persuasive letter or essay
  • Pre-writing: getting your ideas on paper or in the computer
  • Reviewing sentence structure and building paragraphs
  • How to write the five-paragraph essay
  • Organize your writing
    • Compare and contrast
    • By category
    • By importance
    • By location
    • By conflicts leading to the climactic event in fictional books and stories
    • Overview of the creative writing and essential parts of the story

Whether students learn in a traditional or homeschool setting, they will benefit from this workbook that breaks writing into manageable, relatable steps. The three-pronged approach in this workbook -- video, text, and practice exercises -- helps children learn through seeing and hearing, reading, and practicing.

Let's Write!

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