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Put Grammar into Practice! - Grammar 2, Chapter 7

Exercise 7-3 Punctuation Marks

Answer the following questions about puncuation marks. Make sure your answers are at least one complete sentence.

1. What are the two instances that require you to use a period?


2.  What is the difference between a colon and a semicolon?

3.  When would you use a colon?

4.  When would you use a semicolon?

5.  Write a sentence that asks a question.


6.  What are brackes and how do you use them when writing?

7.  When do you use double quotation marks?

8.  When do you use single quotation marks?

9.  What is an ampersand?

10.  Should you use an ampersand when writing a paper for school?

11.  Write a sentence that starts with a dependent clause and ends with an independent clause.

       Remember to place a comma in the correct position in the sentence.


12. Write a sentence that contains a complete date, and place commas in the right positions.

13. Write a quotation. It can be something you said.

14. Write a sentence that refers to the date of a newsletter that covers two months.


15. Write a casual sentence, such as one you might text to a friend, and use suspension points.

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