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Put Grammar into Practice! Chapter 7

Exercise 7-1 Edit the Paragraph


In the paragraph below, which is about an imaginary book and author, there are three punctuation errors and two grammatical mistakes. Retype the paragraph, find and fix the errors. 


Emily read the book The Ghost in the Mirror by J. Miller in one day because it were well written and captured her attention. “I could see what the characters were seeing in my mind she said. “The author made it all so real the way he wrote about the old house and the antique mirror, and I couldn’t wait to see how it ended.” Emily also enjoyed other books by the same author. Mr. Miller has a unique imagination,” she told me. “It is easy to see why he could write a book like this so well.” Because of Emily’s good review, I set down to read the book.

Retype the paragraph in the box below and correct the errors.

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