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Put Grammar into Practice! Chapter 5

Exercise 5-1 Name the type of adverbial


Identify the type of adverbial being used in each of the following sentences. Use these codes in the space provided: adjunct (a), conjunct (cj), disjunct (dj), and complement (co).


1. I had to leave, unfortunately, the door was locked. 



2. Surprisingly, the back door was still unlocked. 


3. Jennifer soon followed quickly catching up to me. 


4. Sara finally arrived in her new electric car. 


5. Nathan now understood, broadly smiling in agreement. 


6. His brother frowned intensely at the puzzle. 


7. I have an appointment today; therefore, we need to change our plans. 


8. Reluctantly, he gave the cell phone to his dad.


9. The wolf ran purposefully into the woods. 


10. Emily watched the rain sulkily from the window. 


11. He frequently called the girl’s cell phone and got no answer every time. 


12. It was the story she fondly remembered, consequently, she read the book to her daughter.

13. Curiously, she left her keys on the kitchen table. 

14. Tell me honestly what you think of the essay.

15. Terri entered the room quietly. 

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