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Put Grammar into Practice! Chapter 4

Exercise 4-1 Find the Adjective Phrases

Read the sentences below and find the adjective phrases. Determine if each is a two- or three-adjective phrase (tph) or if it is an adjective preceded by an adverb (a). Adverbs, as defined in the next section, are used to modify verbs or adjectives and most commonly end in "ly." Type the phrase and the code "tph" or "a" on the line provided. 

1. He forgot his key, and then he found the back door conveniently unlocked. 


2. Pull yourself up by those old, worn, bootstraps and start over again. 



3. Elliot held the old, tattered book in his hands. 

4. The newly poured cement was still wet.

5. She was in a tired, restless, annoyed mood. 




6. The child with a sleepy, fixed gaze looked out the window. 

7. The old, frail woman walked slowly down the steps. 

8. It was a totally awesome movie. 

9. The event was held outside in the soggy, rainy garden. 

10. They opened the door on a delightfully perfect day. 

11. The dusty, faded painting was placed haphazardly on the wall. 

12. The young, excited, agile cat jumped to the top of the fireplace mantle. 

13. I followed the slow, tan lizard into the field until he disappeared beneath the sage bush.



14. The largest marble dominoes were the last to fall. 



15. His expertly designed house drew rave reviews from the critics. 

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