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Put Grammar into Practice! Chapter 3

Exercise 3-1 – Identifying verbs


Read through the sentences below and identify the verbs in each sentence. In some cases you may find verbal phrases with the words in the phrase. As you have done in previous exercises, type all of the verbs you find in each sentence and then indicate the following after each: (a) auxiliary, (m) main, (i) irregular, (r) regular. 

1. Jennifer has sung in the choir for five years, and she could be singing for years to come. 

2. He typed the paper last night. 



3. Who can be called to help with the science project this late?



4. Jason sprinted to the cafeteria. 



5. He could have eaten more, but he stopped. 



6. Olivia and I yelled so we could hear each other in the noisy room. 



7. Michael may have caught a cold. 



8. The boy can catch the fly ball even though his glove is too big. 



9. While Megan slept, the storm dropped three inches of rain in the city. 



10. He rushed to help his sister before she fell down the stairs.




11. Tomorrow might be warmer than today. 



12. I can do that in the morning. 



13. I’ll be back. 



14. We have more than enough apples on the tree this year. 



15. Kenny is taking a driving test today. 

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