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Put Grammar into Practice! Chapter 2

Exercise 2-1 – Identify pronouns and antecedents


Review the sentences below. In the space provided, type the pronoun (p) and the antecedent (a) that the pronoun refers to. Note that there may be more than one pronoun and antecedent used; however, search for the one that refers to the correct noun.


1. Caitlyn can’t wait to share her new songs with friends.

2. Becka will arrive at the concert first, and she will save seats for the rest of us.

3. I know Mike can’t go with us this time, but he will drive with Kevin who will join us later.

4. Tara watched the movie with her friends, and they were glad she stayed.

5. The perfume was too strong, so it remained unused and in the cupboard for years.

6. I enjoyed the story because it was about the Olympics.

7. Joey is impatient for tomorrow to come so he can take the driver’s test.

8. Marta waits at the corner for her friends to catch up.

9. Rene tripped on her untied shoelaces and was embarrassed but unhurt.

10. After you are finished with the vacuum, put it in the closet.


11. The windows are dusty, and they need to be washed.


12. The members held a meeting, and they asked me to attend.


13. Let’s go to the mall before it closes.


14. I tried on four pairs of shoes and they all were too small for my big feet.


15. The stapler isn’t working because it is out of staples.

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