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Put Grammar into  Practice! - Grammar 2 - Chapter 1

Exercise 1-1 – Identify the type of sentence, phrase, and clause


Read the sentences below and identify the dependent clauses (DC) and the independent clauses (IC). Also, identify the sentence type in each instance: simple (s), complex (cx), compound (cp), or complex-compound (cc). 


Example: After spring break, Olivia decided to take piano lessons.  

                 DC                          IC                                             cx

1. Before too long, Josh wished summer would return.

2. The phone finally stopped ringing, and Julie turned on her I-Phone despite the late hour. 


3. When the leaves began to fall, she knew winter was coming and she would soon need that heavy coat. 

4. The old man was tired, so he sat for hours on the bench. 

5. The rabbit is hiding and he looks scared.




6. Since today is Thursday, I will be home early. 




7. He bought a new guitar. 




8. While Toni rapped for the audience, Kara tried to keep up on the drums and Emily stood off stage watching. 



9. Those books are very old.

10. Bring the clippers into the back yard and prune the rose bushes.

11. Do you recycle magazines after you read them?

12. Although the front tire was flat, she tried to ride the bike.

13. The girl went to the mall.

14. I searched the house, but I couldn’t find the cat.

15. During the summer, the kitten finds cool places to sleep.

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