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What are English Workbooks?

English workbooks from Moore Books are interactive e-books that supplement language arts instruction in traditional and homeschool learning spaces. Each one is designed and written by Lori Harvill Moore.


Ms. Moore has been writing for more than thirty years in

both a freelance capacity and on the job. She is now 

focusing specifically on helping students gain the

skills and knowledge to become good readers and

writers with the ability to comprehend grade-level text

and develop critical thinking abilities.


Ms. Moore graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in organizational communication. 

Who is she?

What makes her workbooks interactive? These specially designed eBooks have links to chapter videos and online exercises that reinforce key concepts, allowing students to become involved in the learning process. Students work at their own pace and, once purchased and downloaded, the workbooks serve as ready reference as the students continue through their school years. 


Prices are subject to change. Buy now to take advantage of these low prices!

English Workbooks




Coming Soon!



Children's Fiction

e-Book - $3.99

Paperback - $7.99

First edition without pictures

e-Book -  $4.99

Paperback - $9.99

Second edition with pictures

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